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Clive is happy for you to download a score from this site.


Please let him know if you intend to perform a piece, he might even try to come along.


You can send Clive a message using the contacts page on this site.


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No Man is an Island


For A Capella S/A/T/B (split) chorus

Text by John Donne

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Soft Rains score v 1
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Soft Rains


For SSS/AA/TT/BB chorus and Piano

Texts by Salluste Du Bartas / Joshua Sylvester

and Sara Teasdale

Two scores for A Cappella Choir - SATB



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                                                     A Cappella Choir

                                                     with optional piano / organ

                                                     First performed at Brighton

                                                     Crematorium 2016



                                                     A Cappella Choir

                                                     First performed in St Martin's

                                                     in the Field,  Trafalgar Square,          

                                                     London 2014









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Score and Parts: Lament
Because She Has Lived Link button IMG_7019 IMG_7195 IMG_7195

Clive would love to hear from you if you play or perform any of his music. Please let him know about any performances. If he can attend a performance which includes his music, he will.


If you would like to see the score or parts for a particular piece, please ask. Clive is normally happy to send his scores out on request.


You can send Clive a message  through the contacts page.

No Man Is An Island