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9th and 23rd June 2018

Premiere and second performance of "Pax, Amor, Caritas" (A Cappella) by Concentus Choir in Seaford and Eastbourne, Sussex UK.


23rd August 2018

Premiere of "Who is My Neighbour" by Lumen  Choir, St John on Bethnal Green, London.


Late September 2018

Lumen de Lumine, which includes "Who is My Neighbour" Convivium Records will be available available on Spotify and Itunes


10th November 2018

"Fast Ride on a Short Machine" for violin, bass clarinet and marimba will be performed by F-Plus at the Cincinnati Conservatory in Ohio, USA. This is the world premiere of the version for violin, bass clarinet and marimba. The version for cello, bass clarinet and marimba was previously perfomed by The Riot Ensemble in Brighton, UK, in 2017.


November 2018

One of the  "Two Songs from Shakespeare" for Baritone and Piano will be performed by Baritone Alex Roose and broadcast on Australian Radio.


Recent works

"Pax, Amor Caritas"

The winner of the Concentus competition,  this piece for A Cappella choir (SATB with divisions) is a setting of a specially written poem sung in Latin.  There is also a version of this piece with a marimba accompaniment.





Spread love and happiness

Care for the homeless

Those who sleep on the streets

The lonely

Care for mankind

The hungry



Care for the people



"Who is My Neighbour"

This work for A Cappella choir (SATB) was commissioned by Lumen Choir and appears on their debut album with Convivium records "Lumen de Lumine". The texts are from:

Luke 10, Matthew 25, and Fatal Journeys Vol 3 Part 1 - Improving Data on Missing Migrants International Organisation for Migration Global Migration Data Analysis Centre (2017)



"To Those Who Pass Through My City"

This piece for  Choir (SATB) and String Quartet (or piano) is a setting of very moving poetru by Dalal Al Mrchid about her home town of Alleppo, Syria. It is hoped it will be premiered early in 2019.