Clive Whitburn


Inscape                             9 piece ensemble, dancers and actors

Mrs Potter's Portrait      Clarinet Quintet. Incidental Music & Signature Tune.

              (BBC commission)

Animal Allegories            Choir (SATB) A Cappella

Short Concert                  2 voices, orchestra & scrap yard percussion frame

Parafonia                          Quintet for six instruments

Innacity                            Wind Band

Landscape                        Oboe and dancer

Figures in a Landscape   Ensemble and dancers

Wozzeck                           Music for the play by Büchner

Secret Whispers              Electronic collaboration with Artist Judith Alder

Tadedum                          Electronic

Forever                             Virtual orchestra

Impression                       Virtual orchestra

G Min Flow                       Electronic / Virtual orchestra

Chrimas Bells                   Song for children

Armonique                       Electronic

After Moonlight              Electronic nod to Beethoven

After Dido                        Electronic nod to Purcell

After Maria                      Electronic nod to JS Bach

Accord                              Electronic

Lazy Day                           Jazz Group

Village                               Wind ensemble and piano

Reading                             Electronic

Five                                    Electronic

Do You Know What Makes You Happy?   Songs to develop emotional intelligence

Earlier Works Include






The Fifth Quarter                             Summer            

Independent                                     Goodbyes          

Did You Find Your Own Way         Simple Red        

Apathy Street                                   Relentless          

Walking in the Shadows                 Rainbow Nation

Don't Ask Me Again                        Live Your Dreams

When The Moment Comes



Songs for 5th Quarter &

Loggerheads Include


All music copyright © Clive Whitburn

Virtual Eye                        Electronic/collage for virtual reality installation (2019)

                                          Commissioned by artist Cliff Crawford

Steppin Out                      String Quartet (2019)

The Here and Now          Choir (SATB) Harp String Quartet (2019)

From the Heart to the Heart     Choir (SATB) A Cappella (2019)

Pax, Amor, Caritas           Choir (SATB) A Cappella (2018)

                                          Winner of Compose for Concentus 2018

Pax Amor Caritas             Choir (SATB) and Marimba (2018

To Those Who Pass Through My City.   Choir (SATB) String Quartet (2018)

                                           Words by Dalal Al Mrchid (Aleppo, Syria)

Awakening, Discovery and Awareness  Arranged for Four trumpets (Bb) (2018)      

Who Is My Neighbour?   Choir (SATB) A Cappella (2017)

                                           Commissioned by Lumen Choir, London

                                           Released by Convivium Records "Lumen de Lumine"

                                           Sept 2018 and on Spotify and Itunes

Lammas.                            Orchestra (2017)

Fast Ride on a Short Machine.   Bass Clarinet, Marimba, Cello /Violin (2017)

                                   performed by The Riot Ensemble in Brighton (2017)

                                   & F Plus in Cincinnati (Nov 2018) & Illinois USA March 2019

Wordless Lullaby.            Mezzo Soprano, Piano (2017)

                                           Commissioned by Megan Ihnen (Mezzo - USA)

The True Lover's Farewell.     Choir (SATB) [Arr Traditional Sussex Song] (2017)            

Two Songs from Shakespeare.     Soprano, Piano (2017)

Messages from the Sea. Song Cycle for Soprano, Baritone,

                                          Harp & Piano (2016)

Not a Tango.                    Clarinet, Cello, Piano Trio (2016)

Across the Aisles.            2 x Piccolos, Flute, Alto Flute, Bass Flute (2016)

In Praise of Renewal.      Arrangement for  film. Commissioned by Judith Alder

                                          Recorded by Brighton Festival Chorus (2015)

Sing Out.                           Choir (SATB), piano (2015)

Because She Has Lived.  Choir (SATB) A Cappella optional piano/organ (2015)

Christmas Greetings.      Chorus and Symphony Orchestra (2015)

Sonnet 27.                         Baritone, Piano (2015)

Blow Blow Thou Winter Wind.       Baritone, Piano (2015)

Piano Trio.                        Piano, Violin, Cello in 3 movements (2015)

                   i) A Very Quick Waltz

                  ii) Elegy

                 iii) Not a Tango

Game of Tones.                Wind Quintet in 3 movements (2014)

Outscape.                          Wind Quintet [serial] (2014)

Elegy.                                 Viola and Piano (2014)

Solstice.                             Orchestra (2014)

It's Christmas.                   Mezzo, Chorus and Orchestra (2014)

Improvisations.                 Oboe and FX pedals (2013/14)

The Furies /Soft Rains.   Chorus (SATB), string quartet and piano (2013/14)

No Man Is An Island.        Chorus (SATB) A Cappella [optional piano] (2013)

Dream of Peace.               Soprano, Tenor and Orchestra, (2012)

                                           [String Quartet version] (2014)

Soft Rains.                          Chorus (SATB) and Piano (2012)

Rough Meadow Grass.     Alto Flute and Loop Station (2012)

                  commissioned by artist and curator Clare Whistler as part of her

                "Wild Flowers" project involving number of poets and composers

Music for Rooftops.         Brass Quintet and a relay of 3 additional trumpets

                 i. Awakening, Discovery & Awareness

                ii. Lament for the Victims of War, Violence, Inequality and Poverty

               iii. Celebration of Exuberance, Energy and Diversity (2012)

Recent Works




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